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Ankle Arthrodesis



Ankle Arthrodesis, also known as Ankle fusion is a surgery that is done to treat Arthritis. Generally, patients with end-stage arthritis require Ankle Arthrodesis. The ankle joint is also called the tibiotalar joint as it is where the tibia and the subtalar joint meets that is where 2 foot bones talus and the calcaneus meet. The objective of doing Ankle Arthrodesis is to obtain bony union between the tibia and talus. Intramedullary nailing is a generally accepted method for performing Ankle Arthrodesis. Griportho has developed a new Nailing system to provide the option for Ankle Arthrodesis.

Process of Ankle Arthrodesis

Ankle Arthrodesis refers to the insertion of nail through the plantar aspect of the foot that generally results in excellent stability, and alignment. The method of Ankle Arthrodesis involves patient positioning, an ankle arthrotomy, preparation of the joint surfaces, then placement of the nail through a plantar incision. Screws are placed proximally into the tibia and, after compression, the nail is mechanically locked distally with screws and finally end cap insertion is done.


Griportho Ankle Arthrodesis Nail is formed from Grade 5 Titanium & SS 316 L technologies, designed according to the alignment of tibiotalar joint. The Griportho Ankle Arthrodesis Nail is available in 10mm, 11mm, and 12 mm diameters and in lengths of 150 mm – 300mm. The Griportho Ankle Arthrodesis Nail enables the surgeon to build a sturdy construct by providing inner compression to the fusion mass and distal cross lock holes within the nail to generate an intramedullary fixed-angle device. The system offers the advantage of a unique locking configuration.

The image below shows Griportho’s Ankle Arthrodesis Nailing System used in performing the surgical procedure of Ankle Arthrodesis (Ankle fusion), promoting fusion between the tibia and the talus.

The Outcome (After 3 months of observation)

  • Pain relief
  • The fused joint is stable again,
  • Able to bear weight on the fused joint without pain, correcting the deformity
  • Restored a smooth functioning limb.

Griportho Surgicals At a Glance

Griportho is known for innovating, designing, re-engineering, manufacturing and marketing ‘global quality’ orthopaedic implants. We are CE & ISO 13485 certified manufacturers and exporters of Orthopaedic Implants and instruments, supplying to some of the most promising markets in the world. We fulfil the needs of orthopaedic Trauma & Spine patients by providing the best quality orthopaedic implants within their budget.

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