“Thought-Shapers” of the Indian orthopaedic
implants industry

“Tough times don’t last, Tough People do”

It’s how we built our company.

The company name originates from the thought of having a ‘strong-hold’ on anything & everything we do - “GRIP”.  The Griphold Group, has been employing technological advancements to help our partners & customers strengthen their grip on things around. With this motto, Griphold gave birth to "Griportho – Strengthening Your Grip."

Today, Griportho is known for innovating, designing, re-engineering, manufacturing and marketing ‘global quality’ orthopaedic implants. We fulfil the needs of orthopaedic Trauma & Spine patients by providing the best quality orthopaedic implants within their budget.

It is our innovative designing that has helped us establish ourselves in the market as a quality oriented and technologically advanced Spine & Trauma implants manufacturer.


Quality - Our way of life

Product Innovation 100%
Manufacturing Expertise 100%
Quality Assurance 100%

Our Mission

Be The "Torch-Bearers"

Be the Strengthing force of orthopaedic excellence, settting engineering benchmarks in the Indian orthopaedic implants industry.

Employing highly competitive & quality human resource, faciliatated by state of the art technology & global best practices.

Manufacturing implants which Strengthens Your Grip.

Our Values

Design Innovation - Strengthening Life

Our Core Values - Innovation, Collaboration, Accountability & Quality counsels us to be the "Top of The Mind - Recall" for the Global Orthopaedic Implants Market.

Our Collabrations with Surgeons, Academicians, Researchers & Industry Experts guides us to innovative designs. This coupled with unparalleled quality and utmost accountability enables us in Strengthing Your Grip.

Our Philosophy

Seamless Surgery - Quicker Recovery

Griportho's implants coherently comprehend with the human anatomy assisted by international standard ergonomically designed instruments that empowers orthopaedic surgeons to perform surgeories with atmost precision and comfort.

We collbrate with orthpaedic surgeons, healthcare professionals and academicians to integrate clinical insights into our products.


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