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CEO Message

Dear Patron,

Thank You for Your patronage, relationship and the interest you have shown in our products.

It is the interest & trust of Business Partners, Orthopaedic Surgeons, Fellow Medical Professionals & Academicians like Yourself on Griportho, which gives us the confidence & the resolve to continually improve & evolve our capabilities.

Griportho took birth in this highly fragmented & diversified orthopaedic implants industry out of the need to serve our fellow humans and help them in Strengthening their Grip on Life.

For Griportho, “Quality” is not a virtue – it is the “Way of Life”.  We do “Common Things Uncommonly Well”.

Every step of every process & every interaction with everyone – you will experience the same quality.

We strive to Strengthen the Grip of Orthopaedic Surgeons by providing the most cohesive surgical instruments resulting in Ease of Doing Surgery.

We strive to Strengthen the Grip of our patients on their body, by providing the highest quality Trauma & Spine implants made from rigorously tested Grade 5 Titanium, SS 316LVM & Peek raw material sourced internationally from the best suppliers.

We strive to Strengthen the Grip of our business partners by supporting them in their business through providing the best product & most personalized backend marketing push.


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